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The Personalized Magazine Gift Subscriptions Program is an effective and affordable direct marketing tool for saying "THANK YOU" to your customer, client, or prospect. Each issue is personalized with your LOYALTY LABELTM on the front cover. The LOYALTY LABELTM lets your customer know that the subscription is a special gift from you. You may also consider a subscription for chamber of commerce members, community leaders, dentist’s office, doctor’s office, barber shop, hair salon, auto dealership, and mechanic. This will keep your name in front of hundreds of potential clients.

It’s a 4” X 4” non-removable label applied directly on the front cover of every issue. The standard Loyalty LabelTM displays your contact information, logo and a personal message.

How do I add or change a headshot to my Loyalty Label?

If you do not have access to Dash to upload a headshot, the office manager must provide you with "Sales Agent read only Dash" security role, or the office manager may upload a photo on your behalf. Please call BHG Customer Support at 866.616.4244 for further assistance.
Please allow 1-2 business days for your headshot to populate the label. If you do not see your headshot on the label when ordering subscriptions, your headshot will not appear on Loyalty Labels. If after two business days after uploading your headshot through the Greenhouse, you still do not see your headshot on the Loyalty Label when ordering on this site, please call BHGRE Customer Support at 866.616.4BHG (4244).

I see my headshot and I want to delete it?

To delete a headshot entirely, you must be granted the "Sales Agent read only Dash" security role by your office manager, or the office manager may delete a photo on your behalf. From the Dash home page, select "Web Profile" from the drop-down menu under your user profile menu, located towards the upper right-hand portion of the page. Then click the pencil icon located underneath your headshot preview to enter the "edit photo" overlay. The selected headshot can then be edited or deleted from the user profile.

BHG Loyalty Labels FAQ

Custom Loyalty Label

A Custom Loyalty Label is an enhanced personalized gift subscription label. It includes a larger headshot image and expanded area for custom message. Click here to learn more about the Custom Loyalty Label option.

If you have a designer on staff, you can send us your Custom Loyalty Label to be added to your magazine account at no additional cost, no minimums. The Custom Loyalty Label artwork must be prepared following these specifications: Size 3.75" wide X 2" high, Resolution 300 dpi, Color Mode RGB, Saved as JPEG, PDF or EPS.

To make changes to your Custom Loyalty Label, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site.

BHG Custom Loyalty Label FAQ

A 6” x 9” postcard is automatically sent via First-Class Mail® on your behalf to announce your personalized gift subscription and to ask for referrals. The holiday version is sent when you order in October, November and December. Please refer to the Delivery Schedule for the exact dates.


Standard Postcard (PDF File)

Holiday Postcard (PDF File)

BHG Thank You PC FAQ

A postcard is sent on your behalf to announce your gift subscription. Your personalized gift subscription will arrive within 8 to 12 weeks of your order date. Each magazine will prominently display your Loyalty LabelTM on the front cover. Think of how often your client will be reminded of you and your valuable services. The program provides up to 13 "touch-points" annually.

- Better Homes and Gardens

- Allrecipes

- Food & Wine

- Southern Living

- Travel + Leisure

Frequency of all magazines subject to change without notice. Additional double issues may be published, which count as 2 issues.

Download: Magazine Gift Selection Card

Effective June 3, 2024, there is a price adjustment to the personalized magazine subscriptions.

Better Homes & Gardens $22/year

Allrecipes $18/year

Food & Wine $18/year

Travel+Leisure $18/year

Southern Living $18/year

Sign into your Greenhouse account. Select "Agent Tools" Menu, then select "BuyBHG". At "BuyBHG", select "Personalized Magazine Subscriptions" and click on "Order".
The ordering process consists of two steps. First, you enter your client information, select a magazine, and add to cart. To complete your purchase, go to the "Shopping Cart" and click on "Checkout".

BULK ORDER: If you order 20 or more subscriptions at once, download the Excel Order Form, complete and return the file to Your order will be loaded to your account and payment instructions will be provided.

Download: Order Form (Excel File)

Download: Orders by Office Admin (instructions how to order on behalf of the agents)

For publisher's monthly deadlines and approximate delivery of the first issue, visit "Delivery Schedule".

Your history is located under "Order History" where you can also download the Excel document with your entire history. To check order status, look up the column "order date/first issue/last issue", or submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site.

Go to "Order History". Find the order you wish to cancel, and click "delete". If the "delete" link is unavailable, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site.

Please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site. Include magazine title, recipient name, old address and new address. We will be happy to make the changes for you.

You may change the magazine title at "Order History" if the "edit" link is available. To save changes, click on "Update Order". If you wish to cancel the subscription already in service, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site, and include magazine title, recipient name and address. The refunds are not provided for orders in progress.

You will receive an automated email with a summary of your Personalized BHG Magazine Gift Subscription order including details about the start and end date. If you notice the start date is on a delay, this indicates that your client already has a subscription to this magazine title, and your personalized subscription order cannot be served until their current subscription is fully served. Your client will receive a postcard to announce your personalized gift subscription. If you wish to cancel your order, please submit a request through the "Contact Us" section of the site, and include magazine title, recipient name and address.

You will receive an email reminder of orders subject for renewal in 90 days prior to their expiration. You will have an option to renew your customer's gift subscriptions or let them expire. The renewals will be added to the back of the current subscriptions, your clients will not get double issues. It is important to renew as soon as possible to ensure continuous service. We do not automatically renew subscriptions.

We do not solicit your client for renewal. We do not sell, rent or otherwise "pander" your clients. And we do not sell or rent your contact information.

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