The Personalized BHG Magazine Gift Subscriptions with The Loyalty LabelTM,  is devoted to client retention and loyalty for repeat business and referrals. It is a powerful marketing tool preferred by business professionals and has been found to be effective, affordable, and easy to use, since 2001.

“Each issue sent to a doctor’s office, car dealership, spa/salon, etc., is read by an average of 600 readers per month.”*
      * FMA Seminar, Verified Public Place Circulation

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The Loyalty LabelTM makes it work.

Send a popular brand magazine to your client with your Loyalty Label on the front cover of every issue displaying your contact information, logo and a personal message.  Stay “top-of-mind” all year long for repeat business and referrals! An announcement postcard is sent on your behalf to announce your gift subscription.

Up to 13 “touchpoints” annually.

No minimums and no setup fees.







BHG Cover with Loyalty Label

It’s a 4” X 4” non-removable label applied directly on the front cover of every issue. 
The standard Loyalty LabelTM displays your contact information, logo and a personal message.

How do I make changes to my Loyalty Label?

  • If you do not have access to Dash to upload a headshot, make changes to your name or mobile phone number, the office manager must provide you with "Sales Agent read only Dash" security role, or the office manager may upload a photo, change your name or mobile phone number on your behalf. Please call BHG Customer Support at 866.616.4244 for further assistance.
  • Please allow 1 calendar day for your headshot or personal information to get updated on your magazine account. If you do not see your headshot on the Loyalty Label when ordering subscriptions, your headshot will not appear on the Loyalty Labels. If after one day you still do not see your headshot or personal information get updated on the Loyalty Label when ordering on this site, please call BHGRE Customer Support at 866.616.4BHG (4244).

I see my headshot and I want to delete it?

  • To delete a headshot entirely, you must be granted the "Sales Agent read only Dash" security role by your office manager, or the office manager may delete a photo on your behalf. From the Dash home page, select "Web Profile" from the drop-down menu under your user profile menu, located towards the upper right-hand portion of the page. Then click the pencil icon located underneath your headshot preview to enter the "edit photo" overlay. The selected headshot can then be edited or deleted from the user profile.
BHG Loyalty Labels FAQ

Custom Loyalty Label

A Custom Loyalty Label is an enhanced personalized gift subscription label. It includes a larger headshot image and expanded area for custom message. Click here to learn more about the Custom Loyalty Label option.
If you have a designer on staff, you can send us your Custom Loyalty Label to be added to your magazine account. This service is offered at no additional cost, no minimums. The Custom Loyalty Label artwork must be prepared following these specifications:
Size 3.75" wide X 2" high, Resolution 300 dpi, Color Mode RGB, Saved as JPEG, PDF or EPS.
To make changes to your Custom Loyalty Label, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" section of the site.

Loyalty Labels






A 6” x 9” postcard is automatically sent via First-Class Mail® on your behalf to announce your personalized gift subscription and to ask for referrals. The holiday version is sent when you order in October, November and December. Please refer to the Delivery Schedule for the exact dates.


Standard Postcard (PDF File)

Holiday Postcard (PDF File)

BHG Postcards






The cost is $13.25 per personalized magazine subscription. Each subscription includes multiple issues, the number of issues varies by title. An announcement postcard is included in the price, and is sent on your behalf to announce your gift subscription.






Delivery Schedule

This delivery schedule is based upon magazines that are published each month. Start dates may change for magazines that are published less frequently. Frequency of all magazines subject to change without notice. Additional double issues may be published, which count as 2 issues.

Order DeadlineThank You Postcard Mail Date1st Issue Date*
12/9/2022 Mid December (Holiday Card) February 2023
1/6/2023 End of January March 2023
2/10/2023 End of February April 2023
3/10/2023 End of March May 2023
4/7/2023 End of April June 2023
5/12/2023 End of May July 2023
6/9/2023 End of June August 2023
7/7/2023 End of July September 2023
8/11/2023 End of August October 2023
9/8/2023 End of September November 2023
10/6/2023 End of October (Holiday Card) December 2023
11/10/2023 End of November (Holiday Card) January 2024
12/8/2023 Mid December (Holiday Card) February 2024
1/12/2024 End of January March 2024
2/9/2024 End of February April 2024
3/8/2024 End of March May 2024
4/12/2024 End of April June 2024
5/10/2024 End of May July 2024
6/7/2024 End of June August 2024
7/12/2024 End of July September 2024
8/9/2024 End of August October 2024
9/6/2024 End of September November 2024
10/11/2024 End of October (Holiday Card) December 2024
11/8/2024 End of November (Holiday Card) January 2025
12/6/2024 Mid December (Holiday Card) February 2025
1/10/2025 End of January March 2025


Better Homes and Gardens
Food and Wine
Southern Living
Travel and Leisure








Mark Broyles








You can save valuable time on future orders by purchasing an inventory of prepaid order codes. Think of them as electronic gift certificates or credits that you purchase to use at any time over the next year. One prepaid code is automatically applied at checkout to “pay” for a personalized gift subscription, any magazine of your choice. Unused codes will be reinstated for another year on request. 1 prepaid code = $13.25, minimum purchase of 5 codes required.

Here is how it works:

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Go to “Order Prepay Codes”, enter the amount of prepaid codes you wish to purchase.

3. Go to “Shopping Cart” and complete your purchase.
Important! To start using prepaid codes, please purchase them first. If you have magazine subscriptions added to the shopping cart along with the prepaid codes, please delete the subscriptions from your shopping cart. Otherwise, you will be charged for both prepaid codes and subscriptions.






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